OKHA Collaborates With Artist Atang Tshikare

WORDS Palesa Kgasane

Leading South African artist Atang Tshikare has collaborated with interior design showroom OKHA on a range of evocative furniture pieces.

The collaboration brings forth furniture pieces that are modern with an African twist, highly attributed to Atang Tshikare’s vision and OKHA’s design footprint. One can expect a mix and manipulation of materials that wouldn’t typically be put together. The collection is designed for interiors, but lends itself to being inventive and abstract, rethinking the ways in which we use furniture in our homes.

“The first product in our collaboration is the Metsing table, which is already proving unique in the way that the glass and bronze elements are combined in an abstract formation with a narrative, connecting it with the collection,” says Atang.

To find out more about this exciting collaboration, we spoke to OKHA’s Creative Director, Adam Court.

What did the collaboration process with Atang Tshikare involve?

The collaboration began about a year ago. Atang is a very talented designer. OKHA is a trusted interiors brand, known for a particular elegance and style. We thought the collaboration would be a mutually beneficial journey and marriage – between his fresh and unique style, and our product expertise and reputation. The contribution and exploration by both parties was equal throughout the collaboration process, which involved many discussions, ideas, plans and research. We worked together in fine-tuning the design of the piece, and then local artisans were brought on board to advise on best practice, and carry out the making of the product. Each component of the Metsing table (the first piece in this collaboration) has been hand-made locally by talented craftsmen including Bronze Edition, David Reade, Cape Glass and Hayden Craft.

OKHA is known for being progressive, elegant and modern: in what way does this new collection tie in to that vision?

This collaboration ties perfectly into this reputation and vision. OKHA has a full range of contemporary furniture and accessories, which suit a variety of discerning interior settings and styles. This piece, and those to follow, are no exception. The Metsing table is elegant, modern and exquisitely unique. We have created a work of art that embodies precisely the luxury, individuality and innovation that is OKHA. OKHA’s modern design aesthetic and craftsmanship when it comes to furniture is an aspect of the collaboration, which together with Atang’s graffiti, graphic design and illustration skill-set works well to facilitate the narrative; that of attention to detail and a proudly African perspective on art and design.

This exciting collaboration features a collection of 16 handmade limited edition versions of the Metsing table, which make up one of three parts of the collaboration.

For more information, visit okha.com.