Officine Gullo Goes Beyond the Kitchen with a New Bar & Lounge Collection

Bar & Lounge Collection by Officine Gullo

Officine Gullo is venturing beyond kitchen design for the first time, using their creative expertise to craft luxurious living spaces with their new Bar & Lounge Collection.

Officine Gullo’s new Bar & Lounge Collection offers a functional yet sophisticated solution for those wanting to incorporate a modern bar area in their home’s living space.

The Italian kitchen manufacturer is known for offering a wide selection of professional domestic appliances and complementary features that can be tailored to fit the specific spatial and aesthetic requirements of customers.

The Bar & Lounge Collection features an exceptional array of equipment, modular units, and components, providing endless possibilities when it comes to customising the look of a living space. Custom counter tops, chairs, units with wine fridges, fridges, ice buckets, ice makers, sinks and taps, bottle shelves, and glass holders make it possible to share cocktails and drinks during a relaxing evenings or small parties at home.

Bar & Lounge Projects

To give you an idea of the endless opportunities for customising the design of your home bar, here are a few projects featuring an exceptional selection of equipment, modular units, and components from the new collection.

Old Fashioned

Location: Long Island, New York.

Bar & Lounge Collection by Officine Gullo

This luxurious property on Long Island features a Officine Gullo home bar in its living area. This unique piece boasts an elegant design and professional-grade performance, complete with a linear wall and counter and equipped with a wide range of professional mixology tools. It offers the perfect space to enjoy unforgettable aperitifs and post-dinner gatherings.


Location: Paris, France

Bar & Lounge Collection by Officine Gullo

The lavish Parisian apartment showcases a versatile and visually striking home bar solution. The primary unit is seamlessly integrated into a niche adorned with shiny Verde Guatemala marble and a bottle holder in chromed brass. The bar unit features a wine cellar and washing area, ensuring a professional and functional space. Two glass-doored cabinets on either side of the niche complete the home bar setup.


Location: Moscow, Rassia

Bar & Lounge Collection by Officine Gullo

The living area of this beautiful villa outside Moscow features a luxurious home bar as its centrepiece, set amidst a backdrop of dark tones and refined design. Divided into two primary units, the bar boasts an island with washing and seating, as well as a linear wall with two built-in refrigerators. The Arabesque Dream marble and metal finish blend seamlessly, creating a sophisticated and elegant ambiance.

Bloody Mary

Location: London, UK

Bar & Lounge Collection by Officine Gullo

In London, a majestic Georgian Villa, built in 1830, hosts a home bar by Officine Gullo: a design dream equipped with all the accessories and appliances of a professional bar. A bar counter characterised by a spectacular chromed brass glass holder was placed in front of a linear bar unit. The perfect arrangement to enjoy a cocktail with friends in an elegant home bar.

Home Bar Jewels

In addition to the complete bars, the Bar & Lounge Collection offers some unique pieces of furniture to enrich your living space: mixology zones that perfectly integrate into any type of style and living room.

Cocktail Bar Cart

Bar & Lounge Collection by Officine Gullo

Fully customisable in terms of colours and finishes, the compact Cocktail Bar Cart consists of two ice compartments, a shaker compartment, four compartments for condiments, a pull-out tub for utensils, a bottle compartment, an accessories drawer and another drawer for glasses, with insides and partitions faced in wood.

Refrigerated Cabinets

Bar & Lounge Collection by Officine Gullo

The stylish double-sided refrigerated cabinet is temperature controlled at + 4 °C and allows for the perfect conservation of food and beverages. It’s the ideal solution for those who want to display their wine collection in their kitchen or living room.

Whiskey Cabinet

Bar & Lounge Collection by Officine Gullo

The Whiskey Cabinet is a perfect synthesis of tradition and modernity. A free-standing or wall- mounted piece of furniture in which metal comes into contact with Walnut Canaletto wood and the marble pull-out top.

Mixology Zone

Bar & Lounge Collection by Officine Gullo

The mixology zone is a perfect compromise for those who have limited space but still want to incorporate a professional bar station into their living area. The mixology zone has a built-in cabinet with doors, a washing area and functional glass shelves.

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