New Range From Klomp Ceramics

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring

Klomp Ceramics, run by South African ceramicist and stylist Alexia Klompje, has just released three new stoneware ranges.

The studio came about after Alexia was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2012. After having it removed, she found that she was unable to move the right side of her body, putting her career as a stylist on hold. “The recovery was slow and as a creative person I needed something creative to do while I healed,” she explains on her website. “Unsure of what that was, I had a dream one night and in it this voice told me I needed to start working with clay. That was it. Playing with clay allowed me to express myself, tell my story and heal. And Klomp Ceramics was born.”

Since then, Alexia has created a number of ceramic collections, with the three latest (Pink, Splat Platter and Everyday) focusing on stoneware.

The understated, elegant Pink range features glazed ceramic stoneware serveware that Alexia says, “has been brewing in me since I was pregnant with my little girl.”

Alexia describes the freeform Splat Platter collection as functionally minimal. “I always like to take functional pieces more into the decorative realm and I like to think this range puts the fun back into minimalism,” she explains. “Who says functional needs to be boring and that minimalism can’t be fun?! I love this range – it’s not only super fun to make – but the pieces range from bold to simplistic so they can be paired with just about any tableware or stand on their own as unique pieces.”

Lastly, the Everyday stoneware dinnerware range, which comes in both grey and milky white, will suit any space and can be mixed and matched with ease.

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