New Gauteng Development: Ellipse Waterfall By dhk

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Local architecture firm dhk has released its designs for a new residential development, consisting of elliptical towers of varying heights, to be built in Waterfall City, Gauteng.

This high-rise luxury apartment development, named Ellipse Waterfall, spans over 45 000 square-metres and is made up of more than 590 apartments and top-end amenities.

Clients Attacq and Tricolt gave dhk the brief to create a unique residential space comprised of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, as well as penthouse suites.

dhk took a different approach to the conventional living space when creating the Ellipse. A fresh take on the regular rectangle apartment block makes room for panoramic views.

The four towers – Newton, Kepler, Da Vinci and Galileo – each sit on an elevated podium, allowing for a raised ground floor with a parking garage, a multi-concept lifestyle destination, swimming pools and parks.

Ellipse Waterfall also boasts chic contemporary interiors that put the user first, which were designed by dhk’s sister company dhk thinkspace.

“Our intention was to create spaces for dialogue and community involvement,” says Aram Lello, associate director at dhk and lead architect on the project. “We critically analysed the requirements of residents to design spaces responding to their needs – we wanted to create homes and a rich sense of community. The buildings embrace diversity through their unique design and the provision of great amenities.”

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