New Collection: Magi by Pichulik

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With its latest offering, the Cape Town-based ethical jewellery and womenswear brand pays homage to the richness of ancient mythology while delighting in the magic of everyday life.

Delphi bracelets

When talking about notable South African designers, one cannot go without mentioning ethical accessories and womenswear brand, Pichulik. The atelier is synonymous with its jewellery designs that capture the nature of a multi-cultural world. Like the women who wear Pichulik, each piece in a collection has its own captivating story.

Magi pays homage to this rich tapestry of lore by forging a collection of tales to balm the soul; to inspire bravery and resilience; and to create unadulterated wonder and awe at the miracle of life,’’ explains Pichulik Founder and Creative Director, Katherine-Mary Pichulik.

The collection is made up of handcrafted earrings, necklaces and pendants and each piece derives its meaning from symbolism or a mythological entity.

Cantadora earrings and Seraphim pendant

Magi includes the Bastet earrings, named after an Ancient Egyptian warrior; Cantadora earrings, inspired by Spanish storytellers whose word-of-mouth tales are passed on through generations; Ixchel earrings, inspired by a Mayan Moon Goddess; the Seraphim pendant, which represents the light and purity of angels; the beaded Alpha necklace that is embellished with red dragons believed to give one great insight; the Nazar necklace, named after an Ancient Egyptian knot and worn as a protector; and the Tyet necklace, which inspires new beginnings. There are also delicate garland hoops made of pearls, malachite and sodalite, representing a new dawn.

Each component is carefully considered, from conception to lookbook. Magi, like previous collections, is made of ethically sourced materials that are cast and embellished to create jewellery that could easily be mistaken for something that exists within nature.

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