New Collection: Harvest by Pichulik

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring IMAGES (lookbook) Anke Loots

Well-known Cape Town-based jewellery designer Katherine-Mary Pichulik has launched a brand-new collection, entitled Harvest, a range she believes is “a celebration of the power and meaning of cycles in life and in nature.”

After spending time on the beach last summer gathering shells, pebbles and driftwood, Katherine-Mary started to think about this new collection. “I began considering the bounty of foraging and reaping the rewards of cycles that exist both in us and in nature, and researched ancient harvest festivals in Christian, Islamitic, Jewish and pagan cultures,” she says. “Although each had their own rituals and symbols, all contained elements of ceremony, music and feasting in an expression of gratitude for being allowed to enjoy the abundance brought about through one’s own efforts.”

The collection makes use of pebbles, grain-inspired brass shapes, bronze-cast shells, tassels and gemstones, including dalmatian and jasper, as well as porcelain shapes made by Cape Town-based ceramicist Michelle Legg. Hues of honey, black, white, wheat yellow, stone and grey interspersed with saturated coral, blue and yellow make up the palette of the collection.

The range includes necklaces, earrings, cuffs and rings. For more information and to shop online, visit