Modern Parktown North Heritage Home

WORDS Amelia Brown IMAGES Sarah de Pina

Young meets old in this Joburg Parktown North home, a veritable treasury of local art and design perfectly showcased against a dark, modern, moody palette

Its previous owners were art collectors and when the new owners came to view this 100-year-old cottage, they knew they could do it justice by continuing the tradition of showcasing an eclectic collection of meaningful and much-loved pieces.

“The small cottage, which sits within a large, lush garden, feels like farm-living in the middle of old Joburg,” says Erica Schalkwyk, interior designer and owner of Form Interior. “It needed very little renovation other than painting and lighting.”

Erica took inspiration from other local interior designers, such as Mia Widlake of Studio 19 and Tristan du Plessis of Studio A. To create a sophisticated background for the young couple’s extensive collection of South African art and furniture, Erica painted all of the walls in Plascon Phantom Ship.”Its green undertones beautifully balance the rich red overtones of the oregon pine floors and door frames.”

When they’re not enjoying the indigenous garden, the owners spend most of their time in the living- and dining rooms. “These rooms are curated spaces of art and textures that bring to life the minimalist colour palette and add warmth and personality to the home,” says Erica. Alongside the mid-century modern fireplace, the lounge features local designers Goet, James MudgeCoote and WenchDokter and Misses and Laurie Wiid van Heerden, as well as local artists.

“This home beautifully captures a generation of young people in Joburg who are paying tribute to their city’s heritage and to local talent,” muses Erica.

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