Mobile Music Studio by Snask


Creative agency Snask has transformed an old caravan into a colourful music studio for Turning Tables, a non-profit organisation that builds creative spaces to encourage marginalised youth to express themselves through music and film.

Inspired by his time spent teaching refugee children in New York how to DJ, Danish DJ Martin Jakobsen founded Turning Tables in the hopes of creating a community of creative kids, neighbourhood by neighbourhood. From there, Anna Schori and Mark Ephraim joined the team, and they took the initiative across the globe.

Most recently, they spent a few years rebuilding a container into a music studio, but then found themselves in some unanticipated trouble when the container proved to be far too heavy and expensive to move around. They found that they wouldn’t be able to do the tour they had planned. Cue Sweden-based Snask’s rescuing rebuild.

With the help of Stellan Von Reybekiel, the Snask team tore out the inside of an old caravan, removing the mouldy bits to replace the wooden structure and fit an entirely new floor. Bland beige interiors were brought to playful life with pink faux-fur-clad walls, while the bright and bold paint job on the outside does exactly what it intended, turning heads and tables.

Love this epic rebuild? When Snask came to speak at Design Indaba in 2016, we chose a selection of some of favourite Snask projects, seen here. You can view more of Snask’s work at