Mediterranean Jewel: The Radisson BLU Hotel Kaş

WORDS Gina Dionisio PHOTOS İbrahim Özbunar

Yeşim Kozanlı Architecture designed the Radisson BLU Hotel Kaş as an immersive space that embodies the spirit, history, and nature of Kaş.

Located in Kaş, a picturesque seaside town on the Mediterranean coast in southwestern Turkey, the design of the Radisson BLU Hotel is deeply rooted in the topography and cultural context of the region.

Yeşim Kozanlı Architecture‘s main task was to design an accommodation experience based on the primary need to provide hotel guests with the simple comforts of home. The hotel environment needed to extend beyond basic accommodation by highlighting areas where guests could socialise in a luxurious and comfortable setting that was one with nature.

As a result, the Radisson BLU Hotel Kaş boasts an architectural design that compliments the surrounding region with a low-rise structure featuring a natural stone façade, Ottoman tiles and wooden joinery. The interior and exterior of the building are infused with the local colours and textures of the area, utilising the natural climate characteristics of the geography. Earthy tones prevail throughout the project, maximising the environmental landscape effects and ensuring a continuous connection with nature.

Radisson BLU Hotel Kaş
Modern artworks with traditional motifs decorate the wall of the hotel.

The hotel walls are finished in a traditional paster technique, which aesthetically reflects the essence of Kaş and provides natural insulation. The earthy tones used in the plaster enhance this naturalness and create a warm, peaceful atmosphere in the guest rooms.

The floors throughout the hotel are made of natural stone and covered with handmade ceramics. To further enhance the connection to nature, the glass facades and sliding panels provide a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, which are landscaped with native trees and plants, reflecting the flora of Kaş. Separators effectively divide the sunny and shaded areas, allowing for a seamless indoor-outdoor experience.

The Radisson BLU Hotel Kaş is committed to sustainability and uses waste, energy, and water management practices to minimise environmental damage in Kaş. The design team ensured that every aspect of the hotel respects the city’s ancient heritage.

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