Luxury Amsterdam Apartment

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring

Dutch interior designer Robert Kolenik is behind the look of this modern apartment in Amsterdam.

While the apartment takes up three floors, as with many buildings in Amsterdam, the space is actually quite narrow. “Homes in the city centre are limited in terms of size,” says Robert, “so the challenge is to create functional space that retains a luxurious, homely feel.” With the aim of maximising space, Robert created a central wall unit to link different areas of the apartment together in an organic way, while at the same time making use of sizeable furniture items. “By putting in larger pieces, I emphasise a sense of spaciousness in the home,” he says. “The floating block in dark oak creates a line in the apartment that visually enlarges the space.”

Both the living area and dining area make use of modern designer pieces, from a bronze and marble coffee table to a solid walnut dining room table. Minotti armchairs, a four-metre Minotti Hamilton sofa and felt Vitra dining chairs also feature in the space. “The side table and the coffee table are closely matched. Their luxury materials link up to the finishes on the wall cabinet,” explains Robert.

The dining area is lit with LED lighting and includes a Boley gas fireplace, both of which add a sense of warmth to the room.

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