Luna Loft Designed by Tangerine Studio

WORDS Gina Dionisio PHOTOS Savannah Handley

Luna Loft stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of minimalist design and the eternal allure of nature’s embrace.

Defined by a calming colour palette, natural textures and diffused light, Luna Loft’s serene interior offers a calming oasis in the heart of the Mother City.

The interior design of the apartment is both a nod to the moon’s ethereal charm and Bali’s seamless blend of indoor and outdoor realms. Inspired by a recent trip to the Indonesian island, interior designer Mish Hsu of Tangerine Studio adopted a ‘less is more approach’ for this project. “We felt deeply integrated with the nature around us,” she says, “inspiring the decluttered, simple, and neutral designs, serving as the perfect backdrop for Mother Nature.”

As a result, the space is a curated canvas of white hues and pops of lush greenery, with luxurious elements, from built-in features to resort-style lighting, imbuing Luna Loft with a refined yet relaxed ambience.

”The all-white seamless look is inspired by the moon’s skin tone and the warm lighting throughout to represent her evening glow,” she explains. ”It’s much easier to create a zen living space that is pleasing and harmonious when all the colours complement each other. We focused on integrating beige and cream colours throughout and showcased the raw wood tones in all our furniture to bring warm colours to the space. This allowed for diversity in colour in a very organic and authentic way.”.”

Luna Loft

Subtle nods to the lunar landscape are incorporated into artworks throughout the space. ”These were handmade by local artist Shannon Conacher. We spent a month co-creating different representations of the moon in the form of plaster art,” says Mish.

The principles of Feng Shui also come into play as Mish wanted to ensure there was a seamless flow of positive energy throughout the space. ”We paid close attention to where the natural light hit, where the shadows tended to go and how it felt being in each corner of the loft,” she explains. ”I think that all the intentional and stylistic designs create this bubble for a person to feel peaceful and escape the intensity that reality presents. ‘Luna Loft’ is the opposite of reality. It’s a dream state – an ethereal feeling as if you’re floating away and up on the moon.” 

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