Love Milo’s New Magnolia Collection

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring

Having recently launched a new wallpaper collection, local homeware and accessories brand Love Milo has also released its brand-new Magnolia range, inspired by the beauty of the flower itself.

This is the first time the brand, headed up by designer Nicki Ellis, has made use of flowers in its designs. “Many of the designs I use have nostalgic memories for me, and they are often based on plants I had in my garden growing up,” says Nicki. “We had a beautiful magnolia tree in our garden, and I will never forget how pretty it was when it flowered. I have such a passionate love affair with flowers, I honestly couldn’t wait to finally use one!”

Known for its use of black and white, this is also the first time that Love Milo is using colour on its ceramics. “The idea to bring the magnolia pink colour in seemed like the right step for me,” says Nicki.

The Magnolia design can be seen across Love Milo’s ceramic collection (with prices ranging from R157 to R278), as well as on its new 100% recyclable wallpaper (R650 per metre) and 100% cotton fabric, which makes use of eco-friendly inks (R404 per metre).

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