Local Jewellery Design: MΛRY JEΛN

WORDS Mary Garner

Mary-Jean Treloar, a qualified jewellery designer with a BSc degree in Interior Architecture, is behind the Joburg-based jewellery design studio MΛRY JEΛN.

The studio’s handmade jewellery features bold, geometric patterns, as seen in its Adinkra collection, which has been specifically inspired by West African patterns and symbols.

“It’s about creating wearable art that I love and then sharing these pieces with the world in the hope that the inspiration and joy I find within the African continent transcends into every piece, becoming one of its wearer’s most treasured possessions,” says Mary-Jean about her designs.

The team, which includes silversmith Hildegard Benninghoff, makes use of brass and silver to create simplistic, trendy rings, necklaces, earrings and bangles. They also have a range of cufflinks scheduled for release.

For more information, visit maryjean.co.za.