Local Furniture Range: Huijs

PORTRAIT Jan Ras WORDS Tracy Greenwood

Cornel and Marlize De Jongh have launched a range of furnishings under the brand Huijs, as well as a bespoke design and space planning service.

There has been a great deal of excitement in the De Jongh household since their beautiful home was featured in the Jun/Jul 2016 issue of VISI. Most notable was the birth of Cornel and Marlize’s first child, a beautiful boy named Uys. But there is another birth that deserves celebration: the launch of the couple’s very own decor brand, Huijs.

The range is a reflection of Cornel’s passion for designing and making things, a talent that – despite his full-time job as a biomedical engineer – he has always pursued in his spare time. The couple’s home, a study in restful, contemplative design, is peppered with pieces that were conceived and created by Cornel, making the launch of an own brand a logical next step.

The initial Huijs range consists of benches, firewood holders, wine racks, boot stands and bar stools in poplar or French oak and mild steel, with leather accents.

The pieces reflect the couple’s preference for simple geometry and natural materials. All the designs and the actual making are left up to Cornel, and Marlize, a trained speech therapist, weighs in on concepts and designs.

“Our dream is to offer a complete range of homeware – furniture, decor, linen – and that everyone who sees it would want to know where they can get it,” says Cornel.

For more information, visit huijs.co.za.