Lisa Swanepoel’s Luminous LED Lights

Lisa Swanepoel

WORDS Palesa Kgasane

Luminous LED lights by artist and designer Lisa Swanepoel are generating a warm glow this winter.

Lisa Swanepoel credits a love of saturated luminous colour and an admiration for the artists of the 1950s and ’60s who pioneered geometric abstract art as inspirations for her latest design venture, a collection of Perspex LED lights.

The Perspex is laminated with one or more layers of translucent vinyl and cut by hand, so no two lights are alike. To put a collection like this together, one has to understand how lights can transform a space. “I had to think of these lights as mood enhancers and intense colour accents rather than functional lamps,” she says. “I have many lights in my home to accomplish a warm glow throughout by way of various small pools of warmth – like a spotlight on a wall or a halo for its own bubble – all to achieve a 3D light space.”

Vibrant colour is a source of delight for Lisa. “And the idea of offsetting these colours further by backlighting them with an iridescent glow excites me greatly,” she says.