Lazy Eye Ceramics

WORDS Amelia Brown IMAGES Bruce Meissner

From serving up food in some of London’s coolest restaurants to gracing your dining room table, you too can get your hands on Lazy Eye Ceramics by ceramicist Skye Corewijn, whose modern, minimalist pieces are now available online. 

Skye was working in the music industry and looking for a creative outlet when she took a weekend pottery class, which was soon followed by an evening course, and “that was it,” she says. “I completely fell in love with throwing.”

As a means to fund her new-found passion, she began selling her pieces at markets around London while working part time as a waitress. It was the chef at the restaurant she was working at who first commissioned her to make plates – which she then served food to diners on – and where the seed for the name was planted. “Via an inside joke, I landed the nickname ‘lazy eye’,” she shares. “So it was partly because my surname is a difficult one to spell, and partly because I figured ‘Lazy Eye Ceramics’ had a nice ring to it!”

Skye went on to make pieces for a London Design Week dinner at Michelin-starred restaurant Lyle’s, and her handmade tableware can be spotted at restaurants around the city, including Bright, The Marksman, Ombra and Koya, as well as at klei, a small ceramics shop and gallery she co-founded with a fellow potter, Jess Joslin. (Jess also happens to be half South African, so the name is homage to their homeland.)

She now shares her time between London and South Africa, where she creates from a studio in her childhood home in Hout Bay. Her beautiful planters, coffee cups and mugs, plates and more are available from her online store for local shipping. “Making in South Africa means I can hang out with family and use the time productively as well,” she explains.

“It’s been amazing making in Hout Bay in the house I grew up in – having a coffee with my parents, and fending off the geese when they try and bite at a cup drying in the sun. I got into clay to do something more tactile; sitting in an office at a laptop just wasn’t for me! My dad, Jan Corewijn, is an architect/restorer in the city, so there was always a bag of clay hanging around his workshop. At the time it never occurred to me that I’d be doing what I do now. I love the warmth and the deep hum of the old wheel I found on Gumtree. It’s such a privilege to make at home and it means more time with my family.”

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