Isabell Gatzen’s DEBUT Collection

WORDS Lindi Brownell Meiring

Award-winning Swiss designer Isabell Gatzen recently launched her new homeware collection at Milan Design Week 2015.

Inspired by the symmetry and optical illusions of Dutch artist M.C. Escher, the collection is made up of six designs. According to the studio, “The collection seeks to play with perceptions of light and weight, and embraces hidden details, which encourage users to interact with the pieces. It sets out to explore contrasts to achieve harmony in form, function and style. Contrasts are explored in materials, shapes and light to achieve an elegant and sophisticated collection with a young and fresh attitude that will stand the test of time.”

Contrasting materials (from aluminium and brass to glass and wool) were combined throughout the monochromatic collection, but marble was chosen as the base material for the range.

The products feature playful names like the “Walk Over Me” rug, the “Hook Me Up” table, the “Don’t Screw With Me” shelf, the “Let It Slide” bowl and “See Right Through Me” mirrors.

One of our favourites is the solid brass “721 Candlestick.” This interconnected investment piece weighs 721 grams and is a fantastic example of modular design. In fact, it won a special mention at the 2015 German Design Awards for Excellent Product Design.

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