Ilundi’s Handpainted Range

WORDS Palesa Kgasane

Ilundi is a Cape Town based accessories brand that specialises in making artisanal, genuine leather bags and purses. 

Inspired by minimalist Japanese aesthetics and Scandinavian design principles, Ilundi’s ranges of genuine leather accessories are made to be classic and timeless. The leather is hand-cut, hand-stitched and hand-woven to create a stylish, sophisticated and durable product. 

The latest collection features classic Ilundi favourites such as the Roya bag, but with delicately hand-painted flowers and abstract designs to complement each leather “canvas”.

Mini-purses, tote bags and sling bags are also included in the collection. This range is a little more playful and bold than the main line, but still timeless, speaking to the brand’s refusal to compromise on quality and craft.

“Ilundi products are labours of love,” says the brand. “They can take up to 14 hours to make by hand. Every hole is hand punched and every stitch hand sewn. No sewing machines are used. We prefer to do things with just our hands, which is the hard way but also the best way.”

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