Ice cream dream

American cupcake brand Sprinkles recently opened a Beverly Hills ice cream shop that is so cool, we wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t even need fridges!

Because ice cream is a new venture for Sprinkles, it was important for designers ALM Project to create a space that was not only an extension of the brand, but also a temple to ice cream, its heritage and iconography.

The result is something of a futuristically minimalist revision of 1950s ice cream parlours. White corian is used to express the creamy quality of the delicacy throughout the interior walls and the centrepiece. Dashes of red come through in the penny-tile floor, and perforated metal sliders and display cases. The light rotunda above the central counter shows Thomas Jefferson’s original ice cream recipe, emphasising Sprinkles’s approach to handcrafted American ice cream.

The exterior also takes a minimalist design approach with a sparse white facade comprising metal shields with a laser-cut perforation. The illuminated cone logo and a pin-mounted red script “ice cream” next to entrance entice one to enter. Not to mention the crowd-filled bench that stretches across almost the entire width of the facade.

If this is what it looks like, we can only imagine what the ice cream tastes like… And, as if this is all not quite enough, around the corner is a 24-hour cupcake ATM!