Houtlander X Dokter and Misses: One Night Stand

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Local design studio Dokter and Misses and furniture design duo Houtlander, neighbours at 99 Juta, have collaborated on creating the “One Night Stand”, a quirky bedside table.

The idea came into fruition when Adriaan Hugo of Dokter and Misses suggested turning Houtlander’s signature chair into a functional furniture piece that doubles as a bedside table, complete with a built-in lamp and integrated drawer.

While Dokter and Misses is known for its experimental ethos, often blending materials like wood and steel, Houtlander, in contrast, has developed a reputation for timeless wooden furniture.

“It was an exciting partnership, because we have such very different styles,” says Houtlander Co-Founder, Phillip Hollander, who runs the brand together with Stephen Wilson. “Ultimately, this is a work of solid design. We’ve simply made it more accessible and affordable.”

Katy Taplin of Dokter and Misses described the collaboration as effortless and fun, with many prospects for more hybrid furniture in the future.

The One Night Stand is available to purchase from Houtlander or Dokter and Misses