Homewood’s Amanzi Conscious Collection


The sustainable Amanzi Conscious Collection from furniture manufacturers, Homewood, is handcrafted using invasive woods.

After teaming up with the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF), and Avocado Vision, for a previous eco-friendly furniture project with Nando’s (read more about the story here), Homewood was introduced to the Working for Water programme (WfW) and the Eco-Furniture Programme (EFP). These programmes seek to rid local waterways of invasive, water-thirsty trees such as wattle or Cottonwood.

Over the past five years, the WfW team has already cleared up 500 hectares of alien vegetation and has freed up 1.9 billion litres of water per year. Adding to this, it has sparked the creation of more than 230 000 jobs.

Homewood wanted to help sustain the WfW and its achievements, leading the brand to purchase invasive biomass from the programme and turn it into luxury crafted furniture: the Amanzi Conscious Collection.

Homewood is now able to manufacture at reduced costs by milling and transporting its wood locally, while simultaneously retaining the same level of quality that hardwoods such as Cottonwood provide. This gives customers better offerings, allowing them to become part of the Green Business Value Chain that supports a planet-friendly economy.

The Amanzi Conscious Collection is set to consist of all of Homewood’s most popular, hand-made ranges, such as Imbiza, Duzu and Paindane.

Homewood has showrooms in Kramerville (Johannesburg); Mbombela (Mpumalanga); Piggly Wiggly and Umhlanga Ridge (KwaZulu-Natal).

For more information, visit homewood.co.za.