Hendre Bloem Furniture

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Iconic local interior designer Hendre Bloem has released a brand new range of bespoke, handcrafted furniture made in South Africa.

With simplicity at front of mind, Hendre designed the first collection using materials in their natural, raw states for a combination of textural elements with unexpected and unique details adding a striking edge.

From tables and benches, to pedestals and servers, the items are considered to add style to a contemporary and classic space.

hendre bloem

The series merges my clean-lined aesthetic with organic shapes resulting in a sleek and bespoke look,” Hendre explains. “Pieces have a sophisticated yet playful design approach where primary shapes like squares, circles and rectangles are evident.”

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Alongside his new collection, Hendre has released a series of artworks to complement the artisan furniture, highlighting the colour hues to create a curated interior space.

The pieces are available online and made-to-order, with customisation available for size and finish.

For more information, visit hendrebloem.com.

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