Haldane Martin’s Outdoor Furniture

INTERVIEWED BY Robyn Alexander

Haldane Martin’s new outdoor furniture pieces have been several years in the making – and the wait was worth it. Cool and curvaceous, these sophisticated designs offer a luxe yet practical take on alfresco style.

Celebrated with a beautiful shoot that instantly caught the VISI team’s collective eye, Haldane Martin’s fresh take on outdoor furniture is, he says, “a new direction”. “This shoot is a culmination of about two or three years of work – and the realisation of my purpose,” he says. We asked him to tell us more about the new designs.

haldane martin

Why outdoor furniture?

Designing outdoor furniture feels like the final bolt’s gone in, bringing everything together. HALDANE is now a culmination of my personal life, interests and design work.

The lines and shapes of these pieces have a relaxed, never-hard-edged feel. Was designing in this way a conscious choice?

Every collection demands its own aesthetic. But, as a brand, we definitely use curvature to accentuate the friendliness of the furniture. We want families and friends to relax and enjoy life on these pieces. They can’t just be interesting or obscure – they also have to be beautiful and inviting, part of the home.

Tell us more about your new Slingshot chairs – the fresh and elegant take on classic campaign chairs.

The Slingshot collection includes dining chairs, lounge chairs and bar stools with an authentic “bush” appeal.

Visit haldane.co.za for more information.

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