Greyton Weekend Home

WORDS Annette Klinger PHOTOS Karl Rogers

It took a vigorous shake-up to turn a once-awkward house in the Overberg village of Greyton into a surprisingly contemporary villa.

The unobtrusive exterior notwithstanding, there’s nothing predictably village­-esque about this uncon­ventional revamp. Pre-­renovation, all­-white walls, brown screed floors and two poky under-utilised lofts meant a rather drab interior. Post-­renovation, a moody, dramatic colour scheme and simple adjustments (such as the conversion of one loft into an elegant bedroom) has transformed the house into a sleek weekend villa.

Black steel spiral staircases with geometric balus­trades add a decidedly modernist feel. When it comes to natural light and views, the interior designer tasked with the project, Hendre Bloem, want­ed the lush back garden to form an integral part of the house. To this end, large sliding doors open the living area to the garden, flooding it with greenery and sun­ shine and affording the owners generous views of the distant mountains.