Green Point Apartment

WORDS Amelia Brown IMAGES Andrea van der Spuy

In interpreting the brief to update this two-bedroom 100 m2 apartment to appeal to a range of discerning guests looking for a designer rental in Cape Town, Bone Interior Design Studio took a cue from its classic lines and elegant moulding. 

“The owners wanted to set the rental apart from others in the building – to stand out, but also to be neutral enough to have broad appeal,” explains interior designer Gill Deneys. “In terms of materiality as well as layout, it needed to appeal and cater to short-term business guests all the way through to families on extended vacations.”

The response was to prioritise functional, intuitive design solutions and fluid, uninterrupted spaces. Classic herringbone flooring, for example, has been used throughout to reinforce this sense of cohesion, and the same soft, muted paint colour has been used on the skirtings, doors and architraves, too. This modern all-over paint application also makes the apartment feel more spacious.

Gill chose to retain the existing wall, ceiling and door mouldings, employing the sophisticated heritage feeling they bring as a backdrop to layer contemporary finishes and furnishings. The restrained monochrome palette further unifies the overall aesthetic and merges eras and styles. “Neutral but strong accents in various timber finishes lead your eye through the space, creating texture and interest alongside linens and smooth leather for contrast,” she adds.

To avoid creating a visual barrier between the lounge and dining areas, Gill chose low, “lightweight” steal-and-leather armchairs to form a flexible boundary. Weightier pieces have been positioned around the perimeter of the room. Taking into consideration professional and leisure guests, the server in the dining area can double up as a work station, complete with all the necessary charging facilities. The large dining table, which anchors the space and directs the flow, is big enough to host a meeting or to entertain guests around.

Mirrors, lighting, ceramics, artwork and the nesting coffee tables present organic curves that offset the sharper lines of the moulding, joinery and larger furniture pieces. Down lights, architectural pendants and contemporary task lighting create layered ambience, and more opportunity to introduce a modern mood.

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