Gavin Rajah X @home

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Designer Gavin Rajah’s new lifestyle collection “Indian Summer”, created in collaboration with @home, was inspired by his time spent in India.

The collection showcases a range of soft furnishings, decorative pillows and bed throws, all referencing the delicate details seen in Indian palaces, fashion and decor.

“I loved the ornate detailing on neutral surfaces and at the same time the lush garden settings of the palaces,” says Gavin. “I chose a signature emerald green and added pewter and marble. The signature prints find their inspiration in the same moment with flourishes of Indian palms, birdlife and Indian block prints.”

Pieces feature embellishments of glass beads, intricate metallic threading and lush velvets for living areas, while using soft and cool cottons for bedrooms.

The Indian Summer collection will be available in @home stores nationwide from 14 November 2018.

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