Free designer light in VISI 53

VISI asked leading South African lighting designer, Heath Nash to design a light exclusively for our readers.

The result is the striking A4 Lamp, free with VISI 53 (on sale now) and valued at R250. We’d love to see how it looks in your home. Simply assemble, snap a photo and send it to

Innovative Cape Town designer Heath Nash created the A4 Lamp as a simple yet striking designer accessory that’s easy to assemble and fits over any standard hanging light fitting.

“I wanted to create something simple that would fit the format of the magazine,” explains Heath. “It was at this point that I started to realise that Tyvek would be the ideal material to work with. I wanted to make something that created as little waste as possible within these limits. The beauty of the design is its simplicity; it’s just a rectangle with lines cut into it.”

To assemble your lamp:

• Carefully open the two sheets of DuPont™ Tyvek enclosed with Issue 53 of VISI.
• Overlap the two sheets at a 90-degree angle, making sure the holes are perfectly aligned.
• Unscrew the lamp ring from a standard hanging light fitting and insert the bulb holder through these holes.
• Screw the lamp ring back into place to secure the shade above the bulb holder.
• Insert a CFL or energy-saving bulb, then sit back and admire your very own Heath Nash lamp, with compliments of VISI.

The A4 lamp looks best as part of a cluster, so why not get several issues of VISI 53 and create an eye-catching statement with six or even 12 of these simple Heath Nash shades hanging above your dining table?

Watch our video interview with Heath Nash: