Four Favourites From ELDC Showroom

WORDS Mary Garner

For the latest in European lighting, look no further than the new ELDC  showroom in Parkhurst.

The recently launched ELDC showroom in Parkhurst features a contemporary European layout, reflecting owner Marc Machtelinckx’s refined taste in light fittings. “At ELDC we plan to bring to the market our new fittings and brands in line with European trends,” says Reshoketswe (Shoki) Mokale of ELDC.

Here are four of our favourite designs.

Disk by Jean-François d’Or for TossB, R6 790

As a hanging lamp above a table, the Disk casts a warm pool of reflected light for an intimate atmosphere. It can also be used as a wall or ceiling lamp.

Take Away LED portable lamp by Nahtrang for Faro, R2 907

This portable lamp produces a diffused light – the intensity can be adjusted – for up to 5 hours before the battery needs recharging.

Ball light by Michael Anastassiades Studio for Michael Anastassiades, R19 665

The Ball light comes in different variants, here as a pendant with polished brass and a 2 m-long flexible insulated electric cord.

Cylinda table lamp by Angeletti & Ruzza for Oluce, R20 027,25

The Cylinda consists of two metal cylinders: a slender one as the base and a disc that forms the shade above a 15 W LED.

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