Ergoform’s Soft Office Furniture Range

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Ergoform owner Leon Roodt says the Soft office furniture range, created in collaboration with designer Haldane Martin, can compete with any international brand.

How did the collaboration come about?

Ergoform made a decision two years ago to collaborate with local designers on concepts and then for Ergoform to do the product development, marketing and manufacturing. We teamed up with Haldane on a specific project he was working on. From there, we collaborated and shared ideas to mould his initial design concept on to a market-ready office furniture range that would be a viable offering to local and international buyers. Haldane then went on to complete the design process. The result is a range that could compete anywhere in the world in terms of design relevance and office functionality.

What is the concept behind this range, and why have you named it Soft?

Office furniture has traditionally been quite structured and hard, with a limited range of raw materials to keep down the cost of manufacturing. Generally, our range offers organic shapes with a soft feel.

What materials did you use?

The range was designed to target three levels: basic, standard and high level. The materials used are Nanotec laminate, sprayed MDF, solid wood, birch ply veneer and melamine at the most basic level. Fabrics and finishes can be arranged according to client needs.

Is the range eco-friendly?

The raw materials used are as green as is available. Some of the raw materials already have a recycled content as high as 40 %.

What excites you about the Soft range?

It’s different, it’s affordable, it’s 100 % local and it’s high quality.

What does the range include?

An executive office suite for R34 000, a basic level set-up that costs about R8 000 per person, and the Shroom stool for R2 500.

Prices are subject to change.