Endless summer

With VISI 63 out on 28 November 2012, we present our ultimate collection of South African beach houses and decor ideas. Here is word from our incomparable content director, Sumien Brink.

While selecting the best beach houses ever published in VISI for this collector’s issue, I could not help but remember all the memorable holidays I’ve had in my life. Although I always say I’m a winter person, nothing beats a well-earned summer break.

At school I spent the holidays with my family in a rambling house at Shelly Beach on the south coast of Natal. Then came my first trip to Greece, where I couldn’t believe a place as beautiful as Santorini existed. Years later I visited Patmos – I’ll never forget fetching cool water from a well in a field of red poppies. There was also an unforgettable road trip to Namibia, where we spent New Year’s Eve in misty Hentiesbaai. Memories of glorious days on a wooden house boat on the Knysna lagoon and rainy afternoons at Witsand are equally precious to me. So are those of the island holidays I spent with my children in the Maldives. Now we share endless days in Betty’s Bay, where the wind always blows.

I hope our selection of beach houses inspires you and brings back memories of your unforgettable summers. A huge thank you to the small team that put this special issue together, and to the photographers, stylists and writers who originally created all these brilliant stories.

VISI will kickstart 2013 with an issue devoted to all Annemarie Meintjes’s Smart Ideas, as well as introduce you to the hottest new South African design talent. Look out for it on sale from 23 January 2013.

Happy holidays!

Sumien Brink
VISI content director

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