Digital Farming: Click & Grow Indoor Smart Gardens

digital farming
Smart Garden 9, R4 250

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Based on the concept of a capsule coffee machine, Click & Grow uses pre-seeded biodegradable plant capsules combined with modern technology to create indoor herb gardens.

Imagine a minimal-effort self-sustaining garden that comes complete with a self-watering tank, a grow light and a diverse selection of plant pods for sale online. Well, Click & Grow Indoor Smart Gardens are now sold in South Africa.

With more than 45 varieties of fruits, leafy greens and herbs to choose from, you have a compact garden at your (green) fingertips, available online.

The Smart Garden 3, R2 450

The concept behind digital farming is to move away from conventional – and often bland-tasting – store-bought herbs in wasteful packaging.

These smart gardens feature a sleek design, perfect for your kitchen countertop. In addition to aesthetics, with Click & Grow you are encouraging local food production, minimising waste and promoting organic eating.

Click & Grow says it is working towards making essential, fresh, vitamin-packed food free for everyone on this planet, because we all deserve to enjoy fresh food and thrive. The company is moving towards this goal through offering high-quality indoor gardens and food-growing systems that support its mission of building large self-sustainable farms in places where they are needed the most.

Use the promo code VISI101 at checkout to get R500 off an indoor garden. The promo code is valid until 3 June 2019. Visit to shop.