Designers We Love: Vogel

WORDS Tracy Greenwood

Ten years since it was launched, furniture design brand Vogel is shaking things up.

An artful combination of originality, handwork and technology in the creation of contemporary furniture has made Vogel a South African success story. But the Vogels are certainly not resting on their laurels. We wanted to know more about the changes they’re introducing.

What made you decide to change your logo?

After exploring the idea of branding our furniture pieces for marking and authentication, we found that the tree logo, which we love, did not translate when scaled down. We made the difficult decision to find a new logo that would work with our brand identity and that would be practical for marking small pieces.

Are there new pieces in the pipeline?

We are working on new products for our contract range, our export range, and the collectibles range sold through Southern Guild Gallery. New machinery we’ve introduced will help us to take our chair building to a new level. Some of our new chairs for Nando’s restaurants have features that make them more suitable for heavy restaurant use. In terms of our export range, we have introduced a collection of playful wall hooks, following on the popular Nguni head wall hook. All our export products are designed to be flat packed to alleviate the high international transport costs.

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