DARK Lighting

Outline Pendant

WORDS Robyn Alexander

Driven by the belief that light has the power to challenge and change a point of view, DARK is one of SA’s most innovative lighting specialists.

Halo Light

Great lighting design has the ability not only to uplift an environment, but also to inspire all those who are present in it. Which is why local lighting company DARK has a mission guided by a single-minded assertion: give light the room to shine, and life is instantly made better.

Citrus Pendant Light

Innovative by nature as well as by name, DARK offers a wide range of lighting solutions, each with its own creative potential. Whether a room is large or small, the company is able to illuminate it with world class lighting created specifically to meet any project requirement, no matter the size or complexity. Able to collaborate on commercial, residential or retail projects with the aim of creating spaces filled with possibility, DARK’s dedicated team are masters of light.

For more information, visit getdark.co.za.