Cool Spaces: New Pichulik Atelier

WORDS Cheri Morris

Ethical South African jewellery label Pichulik opens the doors of its new atelier retail space in Harrington Street, Cape Town, and features an interior aesthetic inspired by creative director Katherine Pichulik’s love of texture, nature and spaciousness.

Housed in a heritage building with an air of eras past, the new atelier forms a white backdrop against which the story of Pichulik is told. It’s a space born of the desire for authentic engagement in a time of pervasive digital connections; one that celebrates all that Pichulik is about: craftsmanship, community, and South Africa.

The interiors boast sculptural furniture pieces by designer Xandre Kriel that are origami-reminiscent; large shapes in bone white. The Sculp table is a monolithic altar against the white of the curtains, while the Samosa table, with its curved edges, appears to float off the floor. Directional lighting and large shapes make the experience almost ceremonial.

Here, customers can not only browse a comprehensive curation of Pichulik designs, but also take a peek behind the curtain to see where it is all made, because it’s within this atelier’s studio that everything is assembled and embellished. The brass components are cast in a foundry nearby, and up to 90% of the materials are procured locally.

Love Pichulik’s atelier? Visit on Thursdays for a special collaboration with Seed & Circus to sip Hibiscus iced tea, eat coconut bombs and play dress-up in Pichulik jewels. Find out more at