Cool Spaces: EL&N Cafe

WORDS Michaela Stehr PHOTOS Supplied

World-renowned coffee house chain EL&N (Eat, Live and Nourish), known for its OTT pink and floral decor, has opened its doors at the Mall of Africa in Joburg – and is already gaining traction for its Insta-worthy decor.

The fusion of a contemporary and innovative menu combined with a pinker-than-pink decor theme has made the new spot a must-visit for socialites and guests seeking an all-around visual and literal feast. The design of the space was a collaboration between their appointed architects and the EL&N in-house marketing team. “The architects paint a beautiful landscape in terms of direction and layout and our in-house Marketing team applies all the key ‘Instagrammable’ moments that you see across the store, from the pink blossom booth feature to the artwork and iconic neon slogans that dress the walls of the café,” explains Alexandra Miller, Founder of EL&N London. “We’ve been working with the same architects since the conception of EL&N so we are very fortunate that we have an extremely creative, collaborative relationship when it comes to store design and creating unique interior design moments.”

EL&N Cafe

Every cafe designed around the world is created with a different brief, to make each experience new for globetrotters and international visitors. The stand-out feature of the Mall of Africa store is the “Tree of Light” bar feature. It’s the first thing that catches your attention as you enter the store, designed to create an impact. The entrance, dressed with pretty pink florals is intended for visitors to photograph. “The locals of South Africa are loving the touch of pink we have brought to Mall of Africa! Not forgetting to mention our very first pizza bar which allows for that element of theatre whilst dining in the café,” Alexandra elaborates.

The menu has been curated with South African palates in mind, with offerings such as steaks and grills alongside the brand’s first-ever pizza bar, which will offer a range of wood-fired pizzas.

Marketed as “The most Instagrammable café in the world” this theme translates through from the decor to the food. Every dish, drink and cake at EL&N is carefully curated to ensure that it’s not only packed with flavour but that it looks picture-perfect on the plate. As an example, most dishes and drinks with edible flowers, translate back to the florals used across the interiors of the cafés, making for an unforgettable experience from surroundings to menu consumption.

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