Cranberry Pavilion by Wright Architects

WORDS Cheri Morris PHOTOS Christian Cook

Cranberry Pavilion by Wright Architects is a 163 sqm space that affords the illusion of grandeur and features envelope-pushing design inspired by Phillip Johnson’s Glass House and Mies Van Der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion.

Located in Cape Town’s scenic Camps Bay, Cranberry Pavilion boasts structures that are light, kept to a minimum and celebrate materiality. Architectural aspects aptly mirror the main house’s striking palette of dark colours, while interiors by Mazel Interior Design echo the celebration by means of neutral furnishings, forms and materials that have been carefully orchestrated to harmonise with the exterior.

The morphology of the pavilion is characterised by two thin, floating planes stacked on top of each other. Each juts out into the surrounding lush garden to create an illusion that is further accentuated by discreet steel columns that appear to be levitating above the perimeter walls.

Cranberry Pavilion by Wright Architects

Inhabitants are spoilt for choice when it comes to views: the west-facing facade opens up to the Atlantic Ocean, the first-floor terrace gazes upon Lions Head and clerestory windows frame the 12 Apostles mountain range in the bedroom.

In keeping with the idea of a pavilion, spatial boundaries are blurred by large sliding aluminium doors that, when opened up, allow interiors to exhale into the outdoors.

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