Cool Spaces: 117KLOOF by YOURSTRULY

WORDS Cheri Morris IMAGES Kristi Marie Pretorius

YOURSTRULY, a Cape Town café brand, has just opened the doors to its newest venture, 117KLOOF, an inner-city antique store, nursery and coffee spot.

YOURSTRULY‘s signature greenery affords visitors a forest-like escape from Cape Town’s concrete jungle – its laid-back vibe, live performances and menus have garnered it success since its inception in 2010. 117KLOOF is a physical culmination of the brand’s passions, seeing the YOURSTRULY lifestyle extend beyond the existing Cape Town hangouts.

When owner Daniel Holland noticed that the space he’d had his eye on for years had finally opened up, the YOURSTRULY Group knew that it was time to bring the 117KLOOF concept to life. The design process was a collaborative effort, done in-house and headed up by Daniel himself. Located in an old workshop, the result is an indoor oasis that is harmoniously juxtaposed with the delicateness of luscious greenery, collectible antiques and the aromas of freshly-ground coffee.

The space is anchored by a 10 m-long, custom-built, banquet-style table, which will play host to a new dining experience in the coming weeks called Our Local. Expect weekly chef’s table-style evenings where guests can savour a three-course meal crafted from seasonal, ethically-sourced ingredients. You’ll be able to book a seat at the table or book out the whole venue.

Apart from being able to buy a variety of indoor plants, 117KLOOF also boasts an eclectic collection of antiques from across the country. The coffee hatch offers an uncomplicated menu tailored to the pace of the city. Expect coffee that gets the cogs turning and finger-licking pastries to complement.

117KLOOF’s store is open Tuesday to Friday, from 8am until 5pm, and from 8am until 3pm on Saturday and Sunday. The coffee hatch is open from 6am until 3pm. Follow the store on Instagram to stay in the loop.