Cool Collaborations: Dokter and Misses X Caesarstone

WORDS Cheri Morris

Joburg-based industrial design house Dokter and Misses, in collaboration with Caesarstone, have created an aesthetically unique yet functional collection of home decor pieces.

The collection showcases the superiority of Caesarstone’s luxury engineered quartz surface and reflects on the past decade of Dokter and Misses‘ work, its present and the sculptural trajectory that the design house intends to explore in the future.

The collection is made up of three products: Dreamz, a new take on a low zigzag table from their Bloc Model series; Weirdo, a reimagining of a dining table from their current Foreva XXX collection and Domino, a brand new series of lights that juxtaposes heavy stone and fragile glass to create artistic statement light pieces.

“Conceptually, we decided to indulge in the material,” explains co-founder and head designer, Adriaan Hugo. “It’s engineered to be perfect for our aesthetic – straight lines and sculptural pieces. What better way to explore the material than to be given free reign to work with it?”

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