Cool Architecture: Revolving Bricks Serai

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES courtesy of A.P.P. Architects and Associates

A creative building in the industrial capital of Iran, designed by A.P.P. Architects and Associates was designed with privacy in mind while working as a visual artwork.

The brainchild of Farhad Mirzaie and A.P.P Architects and Associates, the striking “Aryan Pajoohan Pars” office block allows natural light to stream through the angled bricks while obscuring views from the exterior inside for privacy.

A.P.P. Architects
The use of a brick grid was used in order to preserve the values of traditional architecture using parametric geometry while innovating.

Each individual block has the end painted in turquoise and azure and is angled in a parametric design – creating sweeping and curved lines through geometric equations which simulate organic structures. This is a big architecture trend currently as designers and architects call to nature and surrounds for inspiration and references.

A.P.P. Architects

The rippling wave-like effect brings a natural element to the urban and residential area and gives a feeling of movement and fluidity to the building.

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