Coalesse Office Furniture

WORDS Debbie Loots

There’s a new bunch of working humans who are mutating as fast as technology is setting them free from old-school ideas about where and how to work. Coalesse, a US furniture brand that has hit local shores, calls them the creative class and is addressing their needs for wanting to work wherever the mood strikes, one designer furniture piece at a time.  

The Coalesse team has done extensive research about the furniture requirements among this new set, which includes freelancers, working parents and other creatives who run their offices in cafés, hotels, libraries and co-working offices. The company’s president, Lew Epstein, explains: “Our name, Coalesse, means ‘coming together’. We create a direct link between the work environment and lifestyle. Our products are developed to inspire people to work in this new way, wherever they may choose.”

With fab pieces such as Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola’s Hosu convertible work lounge with its handy lumbar pillow, American industrial designer Stephan Copeland’s Free Stand foldable and portable table, and French architect and designer Jean-Marie Massaud’s swivel lounge chair now available here, we say it’s high time to give that old office chair the boot. 

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