Casa de Bouro by Mutant Arquitectura & Design

WORDS Gina Dionisio PHOTOS Ivo Tavares Studio

Mutant Arquitectura & Design’s sculptural Casa de Bouro was designed to bend into Guardenha’s rural landscape.

The concept for the construction of this property located in the rural Portuguese town of Guardenha was to create a modern house that ‘hugged’ nature, sweeping into the sloping terrain.

The architects at Mutant Arquitectura & Design chose to use exposed concrete with a traditional nailed wooden formwork for the exterior of Casa de Bouro. This gave the house an unembellished, sturdy appearance that complemented the natural landscape. To add a touch of luxury and sophistication, they incorporated golden metal elements that contrasted with the rough concrete.

Casa de Bouro

To merge the swimming pool with the overall curved design of the house while preserving the irregular shape of the land, the architects decided to make the pool an integral part of the structure. The slab of the first floor was rotated in a south/west direction to create a harmonious connection between the living room and the outdoor space.

The suspended pool creates a visual tension that is further enhanced by the sound of a waterfall, adding to the overall ambience of the space.

Casa de Bouro

The house is divided into two sections. The lower level comprises the garage and technical areas, while the upper level consists of the living room, kitchen, entrance hall, and four suites that are interconnected. The entrance to the house is located at the centre of the building and highlights the slope of the land. “The fact that the access leans against the existing slope conveys a deliberate feeling of visual funnelling towards the entrance and simultaneously creates a sense of curiosity about what will be glimpsed after entering the house,” says the architects.

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