Cool Collaboration: Cara Saven and Beachcult

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES Supplied

Two iconic local brands have combined forces to create a summer range of beachwear that fuses fashion and design. Cara Saven Wall Design and Beachcult’s new collab is set to turn heads on the beach this season.

Beachcult is uncompromising when it comes to fit and being comfortable while enjoying the sun and wanted to add an element of tropical cool to their custom pieces. The layered collection features bold, leafy prints that can be mixed and matched to suit different occasions and moods. The luscious collection comes in three separate colourways and the pieces are produced locally and sustainably in small batches by South African makers.

Cool Collaboration: Cara Saven and Beachcult

Joanna headily of Beachcult and Cara Saven found the collaboration a no-brainer. “We just seemed to be on the same page from the beginning, ” said Hedley. Saven adds “Joanna and I work very similarly in that we don’t overthink things. We have a vision, we hit it and we move forward.”

“Joanna and I worked together in the most seamless way. We had a rough idea that we wanted the range to be tropical and fun and playful and not too serious,” elaborates Cara. “We also played around with the placement of the various tropical elements on different items and found the ones that worked best on larger items like kimonos and which worked best on skimpier swimsuits. I love the direction that Dolce and Gabbana have gone – this is a Cape Town version.”

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