Bring Cinema Home with SONOS and Cinema Architects


Say goodbye to mediocre sound quality and hello to immersive audio.

There is no need for a dedicated cinema room – with Cinema Architects’ SONOS Home Theatre packages, you can transform your living room into a state-of-the-art cinema. With SONOS, you’re not just watching; you’re being transported into the heart of the action.

SONOS hits all the right notes, literally. The innovative audio brand has a built-in technology called Trueplay, which measures how sound reflects off walls, furnishings and other surfaces in a room. It fine-tunes your SONOS speaker to ensure it generates a beautiful sound no matter where you’ve placed it. From the rumble of thunder to the whisper of dialogue, every sound is crystal clear and perfectly balanced.

SONOS Home Theatre speakers deliver a true 3D audio experience. Thanks to Dolby Atmos support you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the action with immersive sound that surrounds you from every angle.

With its sleek, minimalist designs and crafted from premium materials, SONOS Home Theatre speakers are built for audiophiles and design connoisseurs alike. They seamlessly blend into any space while delivering uncompromising audio quality.

The speaker systems are designed with simplicity in mind – easy-to-follow setup guides make integration seamless. Plus, with support for popular streaming services and voice assistants, controlling your listening experience has never been easier.

Cinema Architects has assembled a series of SONOS Home Theatre packages to take the guesswork out of your home cinema setup. With easy to choose from options, you can decide on a package according to your room size or budget. The system is DIY, however a Cinema Architects Expert is always at hand should you need advice on your installation.

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