Bofred X Frances V.H Collab: The Homestead Collection

WORDS Michaela Stehr

Cape Town-based studio Bofred recently launched The Homestead Collection, a new mohair rug range created in collaboration with Frances V.H Mohair Rugs.

The beautiful collection was inspired by the plains and shades of the Karoo, the home of the Angora goats.

The five designs that make up the range – Hill, Soil, Cliff, Shadow and Lake – mimic the settings as seen from above, of this much-loved area of South Africa, from river banks to rock formations.

The rugs are all delicately hand-woven from 100% mohair, making each one entirely unique.

Not only would one of these rugs make a beautiful addition to your space, they can also be hung from a wall as an original piece of art.

Medium rugs retail at R20 700 (1 800 mm x 2 500 mm), large at R27 600 (2 000 mm x 3 000 mm) and extra large at R44 700 (2 700 mm x 3 600 mm). Hill runners retail at R11 000 (medium – 800 mm x 3 000 mm) and R14 700 (large – 800 mm x 4 000 mm).

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