Block & Chisel’s Concrete Collection

WORDS Mary Garner

Block & Chisel has just launched a new textural collection dedicated to one of 2018’s trendiest materials, concrete.

Rooted in the Brutalist era, concrete highlights the values of minimalist, functional design. Outside of the prescribed norms of Brutalism, modern concrete designs now incorporate warmer and more welcoming organic and geometric shapes.

“We’ve seen an increasing interest in our collection of concrete composite pieces over the past few months,” says Block & Chisel Executive Zane Pretorius. “We’re really excited to bring a selection of the most beautiful concrete furniture items – stools, benches, coffee tables, side tables and even dining tables – to our clients.”

Advancements have seen concrete go from being heavy and difficult to move to being used for designs that can be easily lifted and moved around, thanks to an acrylic/concrete mix that makes the material lighter.

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