Ashby Table by Lemon Design Studio

WORDS Palesa Kgasane IMAGES courtesy of Lemon

The Ashby table is the latest addition to Cape Town-based multidisciplinary design studio Lemon’s furniture collection, envisioned to be the ultimate entrance hall table – seemingly understated in design but considered in form.

The design, which took a few years to develop into a final product, features an elegant silhouette, simple enough to lend itself to a variety of spaces. Kevin Frankental, Co-founder and Head of Design at Lemon, notes, “We have come to the realisation that a great piece doesn’t always need to make the biggest noise in the room.”

The table’s versatility is largely attributed to Lemon’s ideological approach to simplicity. “The inspiration came from the surface,” says Kevin. “We use natural textures as much as possible, but it can be difficult working with materials like marble and travertine, and it’s come with a few learning curves.”

Kevin discovered that to achieve the round base he wanted, it would need to be made up of faceted pieces of marble, rather than a single chunk. “But instead of trying to hide the facets, we decided to expose them and let them become part of the design,” he explains.

The versatile Ashby table will soon be available as a coffee table in various sizes and finishes.

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