ARK Workshop’s New Furniture Range

WORDS Michaela Stehr IMAGES Michelle Parkin Photography

Local brand ARK, which specialises in wooden homeware, has released a new furniture range in line with its ethos of crafting by hand, creating timeless pieces that last.

“Our new furniture range is inspired by our love of having friends and family over to share our space,” explains Co-founder and Designer Imari Crous.

The team believes furniture should last a lifetime and change with your life, from moving house to getting married or having a baby. “Our timeless furniture is ready to evolve with you,” says Imari. The wood used to create ARK’s pieces is handpicked from old barns and buildings throughout South Africa.

ARK’s hand-crafted wooden products include the new Binnedel table and chair, which is made using the classic mortise and tenon techniques, and is inspired by the furniture Imari’s great-grandfather (and master craftsman) used to make.


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