Alexander Adiels Wallpaper at Robin Sprong

WORDS Cheri Morris

Local bespoke wallpaper and surface design studio Robin Sprong‘s latest wallpaper offering includes the abstract shapes and nature-inspired motifs of Swedish illustrator and pattern designer Alexander Adiels.

This collection of whimsical wallpapers was designed in Alexander’s small home office in Stockholm. Once a wardrobe, Alexander notes that his office may appear small and cluttered to some, but that he finds his creative fantasies thrive in a room without windows.

Alexander usually conjures his pattern ideas when he is not working. In an effort to defeat boredom, he likes to have numerous projects on the go at once. He uses both analogue drawings/paintings and digital techniques to add more interesting surfaces and structures to his work.

His style can be described as a mix between figurative and abstract, and his main focus is always to take a step back from how reality is perceived and “make it into something else, where each wallpaper is its own little universe”.

Love this collection? It’s available locally via Robin Sprong. Keep an eye out for another collaboration in 2021 and follow Alexander on Instagram (@alexanderadiels) to see more of his work.