5 Memorable Party Tips

PHOTO Dook WORDS Debbie Loots

Everyone wants to throw an event to be remembered… Design director Angela Steur gives us the low down on giving your guests a party they’ll never forget.

1. Create a feeling of welcome with a table at the entrance filled with glasses, bottles of wine and water.

2. Set a long table so that everyone can sit together, and add mirrors at one or both ends so everyone gets to see one another. 

3. A chandelier hanging from a tree adds a little outside glamour. Also create a lounge area where people can move to after dinner for a catch-up chat.

4. For outside, use either a glass or whitewashed wooden table, forget the cloth – invariably it lands up flapping in the wind.

5. Go for natural flower arrangements, nothing too contrived. Rather use plants – like potted tulips or pansies – and plant them in the garden afterwards as reminder of a memorable event.

About Angela Steur:

“My favourite kind of function is mixed seating where we combine lounge areas, cocktail tables and bar stools with some smaller tables and chairs, and a couple of long tables for those who prefer to sit at a table when eating,” says Angela, the design director of Design of the Times, an events company that designs decor for corporate and gala dinners. Even though Angela’s done the decoration at prestigious functions, such as the IEC and presidential inauguration gala dinners, she mostly loves being involved in intimate and personal events like special birthdays and Valentine’s dinners. She thinks it is good for the soul.

See more of Angela’s work at designofthetimes.co.za.