5 Genius Kitchen Storage Ideas

Leroy Merlin

Finding extra space in your kitchen can be tough but it isn’t impossible. Leroy Merlin has brilliant storage solutions to help you maximise your space and stay organised.

You could have the biggest kitchen with the fanciest tech and still not have enough storage space. Home improvement specialists, Leroy Merlin, have clever storage solutions that’ll help you keep your kitchen clutter-free.

Kitchen Pull-out Under-sink Drawer 

If you’re guilty of shoving house hold cleaning supplies into a cupboard and can never find what you need, then a pull-out storage box will make life a lot easier.

Leroy Merlin

Kitchen Pull-out under-sink drawer 120cm with storage box

This storage box and organiser helps you compartmentalise all your cleaning knick-knacks.

R1 742.50

Integrated Bins

Messy bin sitting in a corner or taking up room in cupboard? All you need: an integrated multi-bin solution that helps you keep your organic waste and recyclables separated. 

Leroy Merlin

Under sink Integrated bins for bottom cabinet 120 cm (5 bins 15 l )

This integrated bin system helps you separate and organise your recycling and waste.

R2 618

Kitchen Drawer Organiser

We all have that draw that holds our knives, forks and spoons, plus all the weirdly shaped utensils (hello, spatulas and whisks). A slim cutlery organiser helps keep things neat and tiny without taking up too much room in draw.

Leroy Merlin

Kitchen Drawer Cutlery Organizer and Knives Storage Set

This unique stacked design creates more space in your drawer.


Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Unpacking groceries is less of a hassle if you know where things go. A wire basket storage system that fits into a cupboard is a great way to keep your pantry organised.

Leroy Merlin

Kitchen sliding wire basket long pantry cabinet grey 58cm x 45cm x 214.4cm

This sliding wire basket storage system for pantry items fits seamlessly into a long kitchen cabinet.

R4 887.50

Leroy Merlin

Kitchen sliding wire basket right corner angle cabinet grey 58cm X106cm X76.8cm

This sliding wire basket storage system for pantry items (or crockery) is perfect for awkward spaces.

R4 699.65

Wall Storage

Another smart way to keep your kitchen pantry organised – opt for a pull-down storage system above your cooking space. It’s ideal for storing spices and cooking staples.

Leroy Merlin

Wall Storage For Cbnt 35X80X76,8

This pull-down storage system keeps your cooking staples organised and in reach.

R3 241.05

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